Friday, September 26, 2008

Dick Dale knows a New Age Girl

I'm Shades of Scorpio (my Liver making mother named me Dawn at birth). I've been known by these circles as Shades.

I'm doped up happy to be here with my Tribe on one blog.

I have a keen sense of optimism, OCD and suspicion. I love these guys and their sense of humour, along with their honesty. I'd like to call our brand of honesty TMI at times for others but oh well. I'd check to see if we care, but I'd be wasting my time.

I heart Jazz music, world music, TOP 40 (oh yes I do), music from commercials, trip hop, electronica, some gospel bluegrass and I am absolutely addicted to A Better Today's radio archives by Steve Mariboli.

I am currently so far into the Quantum Bee Gee, Gregg Braden, that I'd have to be pried out with surgical tools. He rocks - he rocks so much that I'll faint with enthusiasm right now if I go into it. I love the marriage of spirituality & the On Paperness of Science....although I'll believe in the fairies without the I.d. check.

I'm a gluten free, dairy free vegetarian single mama who tries really hard to feed me and my Humanling (she's 9) only non processed foods. I TRY I said. I didn't say I'm 100%. I don't recall my name being Jesus. Although I have to say that he completely rocks too and there is no better teacher on how to be to your fellow humans. My girl is medicated for epilepsy. Her neuro doesn't believe in anything except that it happens and its genetic. I believe her. And I believe in a million other things. I believe in the diet, in the environment, the power of energy healing. And that's my personal mission - with my energy to bring up other's energy whenever possible. Any meeting, any passerby. *Disclaimer - I may or may not do this with my freshly steaming dung of a divorce but then again, I did so well on D-Day that I can only get better from there.

At 17 I became a mama with my older girlie, Miz Eye. She currently lives in AZ with her boyfriend and is one creative MoFo. She's amazing. She's 21 and is still in the phase of figuring out what she wants but seems to be set on marrying the boy she's with, Keef. I used to say that good relationships skipped a generation in my family since my mother and daughter seemed eternally bliss kissed, but I'm now in a relationship with someone who lives in Alan's neighborhood, who for now, is called :doot:. I'm starting to want to change the name but :doot: it is for the time being.

Alan actually found Fireboy and I on the same day. I'm still amazed by the short but very cool story. He'll tell it if he wants.

I create jewelry and read like an addict as much as possible. I'm mostly into books of the spiritual, energetic and non fiction sense, but will indulge here and there in fictional stories and a ton of graphic novels (yes. With pictures. And no, not THAT kind of graphic.)

I'm also at work right now and should probably seal up this Handshake of Eternity.

One last thing - both Fireboy and Alan crack me the Eff up. If only they could be present whenever I read their comments sometimes.


The Neighbor said...

I want to hear the story of how Alan found us both on the same day.

A Shade Of Scorpio said...

Pleeeeease Uncle Alan...tell it again! Tell it again!!!! MOVE OVER FB! YOU'RE HOGGING HIS WHOLE LAP!!!!

The Neighbor said...

Wow, what a bizarre mental image.

Me sitting on Alan's lap.

Shades sitting on my lap.



A Shade Of Scorpio said...

LOL....I already beat you to the image. Shameless flirting with non married members of the blog will be accepted.

Boopila said...


Positive people like yourself are a welcome yin to my yang. And looky! You're an ENFP to my INFP. Sounds good, sounds good.

Thanks to your post I've been clasping my hands all morning. Hoping for what, I don't know. The right thumb prevails.