Thursday, September 25, 2008

No fear.

I do not fear your pen.

Let's spread some knowledge!

I'm known as Alan. It's my real name. I do stuff like audio drama, classic Bob-Newhart style therapy, and live in the greatest city in the world (up for debate, I know, but hey). Yet, I'm not sure I've ever been in better company than this right here.

My weakness is buttercream icing, but I've done without it for t-minus two days now. Or has it been three?


Boopila said...

I can do a mean buttercream if you mean a TRUE buttercream. Swiss is my current fave as opposed to the french which tastes wonderful but has a yolk given yellow hue that limits tinting possibilities. Do you bake? Have any fave recipes I can borrow for Whaupwits' birthday tomorrow?

The Neighbor said...

Ding! Reminder!

Alan said...

I'm a Champion Eater of buttercream, as I am with most foods. The buttercream that seduced me has very little bearing on "butter". I've had buttercream that tasted like I was with an actual sweetened stick of butter. I gagged.

I don't know what the stuff is that I like, but that's what they call it. It's different than lard, but probably not by much.