Monday, October 6, 2008

The Neighbor's Neighbor

I sit in my backyard and fiddle with my uku some nights - the past three running, although the twigs are running low now. And each night - an owl, once from the neighbor's yard across the way, then from down the street, and last night from the cathedral ceiling of canopy high above my head.

He shatters the night - this is no hoot hoot hoot. This is a Barred Owl, and he is definitely letting any suitable females know that he's shed his down, and he's ready to provide in every possible way. It's thrilling and a little unnerving. He called last night, and I played him a note in return, and he called again. Goose bumps.

Sound Clip here.

I've always looked at owls as amazing - the whole 360 degree head thing, the fact that they are silent in flight. But I also assumed they were as ghostly as they seem in flight, but this guy, he's a teenager, and he's horny, or hungry, or something. Whatever it is, he's damned assertive.

I'm glad to have him as a neighbor. I imagine the squirrels have other thoughts about it. I need him to leave enough to keep my acorn removal to a minimum, as it's almost artillery season in my back yard. Wear your safety helmets, kids.


Whaupwit said...

Remember, I will take a couple of those trees off your hands if you will deliver.

A Shade Of Scorpio said...

I love hearing these in depth descriptions. And maybe my imagination is filling in too much detail here and there. But it sounds so free, lush, raw. You can name that book Conversations With Birds Of Prey...har har har.

I'd love to be walking outside into my yard at night and breathing in the foliage. I have cool digs, I like where I am but I'd love to splice myself and live somewhere in the rolling green hills and fields, like in Babe and right in the heart of the city. Choices choices.

The Neighbor said...

Maybe I'll take a little pic/video tour of my neighborhood. I've got a nice little zone going here.

A Shade Of Scorpio said...

If I happen to be in the neighborhood, I'll look for the black bar near the mailbox.

The Neighbor said...

Or, if you have a flare gun . . .

I respond very well to emergency signaling.