Tuesday, October 21, 2008


One of our Tribe has decided to hang up her quill. She has two small kids and feels like she needs to focus her time on them for now. More to the point, her screen name, which no one should be using henceforth - I'll call her B to the P - is her only online handle, and she sort of had a little e-freak-out about privacy.

I heard from her - she's all good, not offended or angry or upset. Just feels a need to be with her kids more, to be less engrossed in the blogging thing, and to keep her handle private. Mad respect to the B to the P for a tough and smart decision.

We'll miss you, B. Drop in anytime.


Shades of Scorpio said...

I hardly knew ye B to the P.

But totally would get it. I've got one and she feels like ten children sometimes. And they're only little and need you THIS MUCH during certain periods of their lives before they knock us off the bench while running to their friends.

Will be looking forward to any commenting you have time for. =)

Oh and like I could blame you for the e privacy thing after the crap this week....grrrr....drama.

Alan said...

Okay, then. No hard feelings? Good. So we'll see yas! You could always use the Anonymous feature to comment with, and make up a new name Like "Whaupwithina" or something. :-)