Sunday, October 12, 2008

Time Travel

I'm reading The Time Traveler's Wife, which is very good, but it makes me wonder . .

Presuming that no matter what you did, nothing about the present would actually change, what would you go back and do? In the novel, the Traveler has no real control over where and when he goes, he arrives naked, regardless of time, place, season. . . but if you could go back and witness any event, or suggest to your former self a course of action that would, in fact, result in a different future - the present you in the past cannot directly change anything, but you could influence yourself to do so - what would you do?

There was a girl, Lisa, my second love. The first person to take my clothes off. The first person I took clothes off of. We had a gross mis/lack of communication. I would fix that. She thought I rejected her because she was a virgin, when I was, in fact, nervous about my own virginity. I would find myself, take myself aside, tell myself that it was coming, and to be bold, and to be brave, and to be gentle, and to communicate instead of infer.

And then I'd find my 16 year old self at boarding school and beat the fuck out of him for smoking dope, tell him I'd be watching and would haunt him forever, and then return to the present/future to see if anything changed.

I wouldn't do anything cliche like go back and kill Hitler, but I might do a little research and go back and invest in Microsoft; just a few thousand hastily made on small, non-consequential track bets. Leave it in a trust in my future name.

Then I'd buy us all nice lives, or at least the trappings of them.



Alan said...

Another fantastic spark to ignite my flame.

I would go back to 6 year old alan and protect him from the sexplay that his neighbor had intended for him. I would tell his father and his babysitter would was on the neighbor's mind. And then, for good measure, I'd beat the sh!t out of the neighbor before he got a chance to get ahold of my young self.

Wait... but it wouldn't change the present?

Okay, then I'd just beat the sh!t out of him on general principle.

The Neighbor said...

Well, I guess that we could go back and make changes that would manifest in our characters, and my own thoughts about a few horse races and some quiet stock trades belies the whole cause and effect thing.

I'd go with you to meet your neighbor.

A Shade Of Scorpio said...

I'd be a little more feminine as a teen. I WAS but I was also quite bold and not in a way that I'd be proud of.

I would be more focused so that the older girl, Miz Eye had the best of me, like Humanling does now. Being 17 when I had Miz Eye, she got the kid for a mom who was mature because she had to be but had a wild lining just dying to be exposed and eventually was.

If we're going back a bit, I might cross paths with Jim Morrison you know...just to meld wit that!

I wouldn't want to do too much differently, I do relish the experiences, however, the stupider ones, I might walk around instead of through.

A Shade Of Scorpio said...

Wait...I forgot. I want to go back to the 1800s or some early days where you met a boy when you were like two....and then spent the next number of years becoming more aware of this being the person that you really wanted to be walk the fields as kids together, not daring to do anything but wanting to. To hide behind ballroom masks, daringly giving eyes and knowing that that in itself is dangerous (I think I just moved everything over to Europe somehow). A simple time, when the build up was immense and the rewards were lasting.

Alan said...

Sounds like somebody just watched "The Duchess." heheh!