Monday, April 13, 2009

Franken v. Coleman

Franken wins in a legally protracted squeaker.

So a few random, possibly insulting thoughts. Franken is most famous for two things - first as a cast member (?) of Saturday Night Live, and second as a radio show host on Air America, radio's response to Rush Limbaugh et al. Part of the other side of the partisan 'news' machine. On the 'right,' you have Fox and that channel they claim is based on actual facts, and a whole slew of radio personalities. On the 'left,' we have Air Americam some would argue CNN and MSNBC, and more recently the Huffington Post, whic, let's face it, is basically no more important than this blog is. Frankly, no blog is really news, imo. Not really. It's mostly just really shrill accusations from one side or the other, depending on who's got the conch, as it were.

So, yeah, Franken. I never thought he was funny. Sorry. That said, Coleman looks like he may, in fact, be the least-funny man who ever lived. Maybe. Those two things said, I've got five bucks that says that of the two, Coleman is more likely to be an asshole about it.

No, what really gets me about this little dustup has nothing to do with the winner - I don't care. I am happy with the hand on the National tiller, and it's been going fine without either of these two yahoos. Fuck em.

No, what caught my eye and thoughts was one tiny line in the article on CNN.

"Defense attorney Ben Ginsberg told CNN that the court's order "wrongly disenfranchised" thousands of voters."

Now, he goes on to describe how the courts have been consistent with regards to themselves, but have acted in ways that do not enfranchise voters. But the way it reads kind of amused me.

Because what he's basically saying, Coleman's lawyer, is that the courts, in ruling for Franken, have disenfranchised voters. He means that it was done by allowing county-to-county discrepancies in the counting of various ballots - absentee or otherwise. But how it READS is that the voters are disenfranchised because they lost!!

By that reasoning, I was disenfranchised in 2000.